Monday, May 30, 2011

Sneak Peek Of Cuteness!

So it's just after 3:00 am.
I'm finishing up an extra project of goodies that I'm going to be bringing with me to the Mom and Tot Fair on June 11th.
I wanted my table to be a little more "kid" related. Even though I think the Plush Cameras can go either way really.
I just wanted something extra.

I have had all of the products ready to go from the beginning, but I wanted to make sure I did all of the Cameras First!

I just did one of the designs and snapped a quick Iphone pic.
I have 4 more designs that I'm going to iron on now to be ready for edge sewing tomorrow!

"Lets get down to business"

Sweet Dreams!
XO. Kyla

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Veer: Clockbusters, and some Ramblings.

Hello Lovelies!

Oh gosh, I have been "sew" busy putting together Plush Cameras for the Craft show on June 11th.
I have 30 stuffed, and another 30 unstuffed with a few more to go.

I ran out of polyfil, but thankfully I found the biggest bags ever! So of course I grabbed up two just incase!

Also last night a pipe burst in our house.
We had to turn the water off until today when the
plumber came to fix it up.
Thank goodness, but we are down a bathroom now haha.

What I really came on to share was this AMAZING game.
If you watch movies this is the game for you!

Honestly it is SO addicting. You get to see three pictures and from those hints guess what movie they might be describing.

So much fun!

Go play! Really :)

XO. Kyla

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wide Angle Art Show

My mom had her yearly class art show last night.
Congats mom your pieces were amazing!

Also I finally got to try out my new wide angle lens attachment outside from Photojo
I love it!

Also that I get to wear my favorite pair of Bow Flats now that the weather is looking up!

Ok back to sewing haha.

XO. Kyla

Friday, May 13, 2011

Sew Cute, Sew Slow, Sew Sleepy

All I have been doing lately is sewing Plush Cameras for my upcoming Mom and Tot Show sale!
Ive gone out a few times to visit my favorite baby mamas, and tried to bring some to sew while there too.

I really hope I end up getting enough completed to make enough of an impact! Ive been sewing forever, and needless to
say I'm really stressed out.

I also have all of the goodies that I want to add to my table to make it whimsical and fun.

I also got my first bunch of Business Cards in the Mail. They were really fun to design and see printed out.



XO. Kyla

Ps. YAY Blogger is back!

I hope everyone has a lovely day <3

Happy Mail From Jones Soda

I got a super fun letter in the mail from Jones Soda yesterday.
I submitted a bunch of photos last year some time, and a few were actually selected as staff picks.
I thought that was pretty cool.

The letter let me know that one of my photos was actually chosen and is now printed on Root Beer flavored
bottles in circulation now!

Conveniently I love Root Beer. Match Made!

They sent me some of the actual labels in the mail as well, just incase I never find a bottle as they do not tell you were your bottles are actually delivered. So let the scavenger hunt begin!

If any of my amazing readers happens to see a bottle I would love love LOVE to have one and would pay for all of the mailing costs etc to have it delivered :) Just let me know if you see one.

This was the actual photo they picked:

Pretty neato if I do say so myself!

XO. Kyla

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Selina and I took her little man to the park yesterday for a quick few shots as the sun was setting.

They are both pretty fantastic!
Happy Sunday.

I'm back to sewing Plush Cameras.

XO. Kyla