Friday, May 28, 2010

New Plush Cuties..

Morning All!

I made these 2 custom cuties for a Photographer, and a Baby!

This one I made for my shop with my dad in mind

XO. Kyla

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Whipped Cream Goodness!!

Today I got my first Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino
of the year (Pathetic I know)
The whipped cream looked amazing and I had to take pictures!

XO. Kyla


My bad blogger syndrome is creeping up again.
Things have been pretty crazy, and I'm still really stressing on not being able to find a steady job.
I keep getting the; we are accepting applications but not actively looking until September.

In normal circumstances this would be awesome. Having a whole summer off. However when you hadn't really saved a tonne up until being layed off because you didn't know, that is the problem.

Whine whine anyway.

Ive been making some cute things!
Very nautical insprired as I would rather be on a boat in the sea; or a mermaid hehe.

I'll post a sneak peak this week for sure!

~Happy Thursday~

Ps. Did anyone get sucked into watching American Idol last night....I may or may not have been watching from the beginning ; )

YAY. Lets make out!

XO. Kyla

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tea Cup Candle; DIY.

So I'm a little behind as you can most likely tell.
I made this super quick and easy craft as and addition to my Mom's Mothers day gift.

I didn't take pictures through the whole process but it is SUPER easy and can be given at many occasions!

*Tea cups of your choice (or any cute container really) I chose these cups because they were kinda vintage looking, super affordable, and can be used later!
*Candle Wicks - I chose the 3 1/2" pre waxed/wired pack from Michael's ($3.99)
*Candle Wax - I dont have the exact quantity, but it was a rectangle block about the size of my forearm  from Michael's ($13.00)
*Candle Scent - I chose Pearberry #130310 from Michael's ($3.99)
*Candle wax color agent of your choice
*Pot, metal or glass bowl, knife and chopstick.

Step 1: Set up a double boiler on your stove top. Basically just a regular size pot of boiling water, and a glass or metal bowl to place on top. I used a metal bowl as it is easier clean up I find. Bring your water to a boil turn down to about (5-6) on your heat dial and place your bowl on top.

Step 2: This is where I basically did want I wanted; not fully following the instructions on the wax package as I do not have a "wax thermometer" so I just did what I felt was correct and it turned out great.

Step 3: Cut your block of wax into rough cubes, and place into your bowl. To fill the tea cups I used I made the ratio off a cup of wax per tea cup. Then added in 4 extra cubes of wax to use for a top up later. * You can also use left over half melted candles and tea lights for this instead of new wax.

Step 4: Let your wax fully melt. It took about 10 minutes tops for it all to melt. I stirred it occasionally with a chop stick just so I could throw it out after and not have to clean wax off of a regular spoon.

Step 5: Adding the scent. They give you a measurement on the package. I ended up using 3/4 of the little bottle for 2 1/2 cups of melted wax. I poured that in and let it heat up all of the wax.

Step 6: Coloring your wax. At Michael's I believe they had some dye for the candles in wax form or liquid. However I have a really super inexpensive alternative. Crayons.

I used to melt crayons as a child into molds and this is the perfect coloring agent; and gives you WAY more variety than what is in the store. I just broke off the tip of one yellow crayon, and one greeny/yellow crayon to color all of my wax into a Pear shade to go with the scent. Let the wax warm for another minute and stir to move the color all around.

Step 7: Adding the wick. This is super simple and the reason I purchased the wire set. Straighten out your wick and dip the bottom metal piece attached in the the boiled wax and stick it to the bottom of your tea cup. This will stick your wick right in the center, and keep it from falling in when you fill the cups.

Step 8: Pouring the wax. Take the bowl off of your boiler (using oven mitts) and pour into your cups. The wax will shrink as it dries; so pour it as close to the top as you can. At this point you can again straighten out your wick's if you need to. Let sit for about 5 minutes and move over to a cooler area. I just put mine by a open window sill. This speeds up the drying time.

Step 9: When your wax is fully dry you will notice that it has shrunk, and there is most likely a little pit around the wick; this is why you made a little more wax than necessary at the beginning. Take the left over dried wax that is still in your metal/glass bowl and reheat on your double boiler. Simply pour and fill your pits and edges and let dry again.

Step 10: Give this cute little gift to someone special!

I forgot to take pictures before they were lit, my mom was too quick! So that means she loved them!


So I hope this inspires you to make something cute, for someone special or just for yourself.
haha I know what everyone is getting for christmas, wether they like it our not haha.

XO. Kyla

Monday, May 10, 2010

And The Giveaway Winner is........

Drumroll please.....

The Winner is:

Wendi I will be emailing you shortly to get all of the shipping details :)

There will definitely be another give away or two upcoming, I already have some super cute stuff collected.
Thank you to everyone who entered, it is always super appreciated!!

XO. Kyla

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Polaroid Camera Plush, Is Back!

Sorry I've been really busy this week. I'm going to do the draw for my spring cleaning give away Monday for sure, I haven't forgotten!

I made a really super cute mothers day craft for my mommy.
 I adore it. I'll take pics of that to share, with a little how to of course.

Also the main reason for this post ist that the Polaroid Plush is back! Yay I love them so much. I made 4 different colored ones that you can see below and I'm making some standard black ones as we speak! These ones are up in my shop right now.

XO. Kyla

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Little Update

I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday!

Did you catch Glee last night? Lots of amazing songs, I could and will watch it over and over.
It's still snowing again here in Calgary, it's also May. Spring needs to come back and stay; it's confusing the Robin's in my backyard to the point of panic.

I will leave you with this song because it makes me happy!

I wish it was the actual video - Oh Jane Lynch and Olivia Newton-John!

Update - PS. I'm going to be doing the draw for the goodies in my previous post Sunday, so today is your last chance to enter <3

XO. Kyla