Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday Picture Stash.

Just a few quick Sunday Loves before I hop into bed!

Some cute gift wrapping, for my Tic Tac Toe Game!!
Happily travelling to Australia right now.

New Tic Tac "Sew" I worked on this one today.
Up in Etsy sooooooon.

Love these custom pillows!!
I'm glad Jessica let me just make whatever I wanted for her :)

That I can't seem to locate my dog, and I find her like this.

Hidden in my sheets.
"If I stay realllly still, maybe she wont see me"
haha this picture of my parents and I.
Oh the perms!
How every child beach picture I have; my bathing suit at least half way up my bum...
and I dont seem to care.
"Fix my water wings, I got some waves to ride!"
When you clean out everything that ever reminded you of someone, and gave it all back.
Then you find this folded inside your baby picture album.
....just when you think you can't cry anymore.
I'm glad Sunday is over.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A post from one sleepy lady!

I had the most amazing day ever!
Dispite the super sweet farmers tan I now have the privilage of rocking... hawt!

I'm on the Social Committee at my office, and we decided it would be nice to create a really sweet patio out on our back "porch". It's a complete surprise to the office!
Firstly let me say we are not in the nicest of it's a little sketcy at times. All of the items are basically attached, glued, or chained to an unmovable object after these pictures were taken. It's sad...but I would like everything to still be there on Monday.
We decorated, and build everything below; my dad was very excited to lend me each and every power tool I might need to accomplish this..
I also made about 4 trips to the office...which is on the other end of the city from me transporting paint, lanterns, wood, tools..and a giant lattice attached to the roof of my toyota camary.
haha guys...non employees at the home depot were falling all over themselves trying to help put all of the wood in my car.
Might I add that I looked like I just rolled outta bed, and picked up something that didn't smell too bad off of my floor....cause well I did. It was like 7:00 am it's not uncommon. lol
It was kind of awesome! Not that I couldn't handle it myself by any means...but they were sweet, and I in turn had to do no heavy lifting it was great.
Anyway here are some pictures
The Deck before...this was the first table we built...pretty awesome? We know haha.
Dont you love our plastic red fabric wall..and glorious train track and dumpster view?
Jealous? thought so :)

The After!!
New flower pots with sunflowers, and some other goodies. There are actually three. 2 benches, and a table...which can be another bench if needed. The lanterns are the cutest.
Also do you LOVE the wall coverings?
Spectacular! They are actually vinyl shower curtains from Wal-Mart. That is what sparked my whole color scheme. I'm giddy about them. And they are no longer showing those ugly ripped red things. I used my Crop-a-dile to add gromets onto the edges to tie them down...haha can never take the crafting out of the crafter.
I bet you're asking yourself...Gosh Kyla were ever did you get that amazing area rug!?
I will come to your house and draw one on your driveway just for you.
Sidewalk chalk fo' lyfe!
haha . That is all. It just better not rain until after Monday!
Love Love Love.
XO. Kyla

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!!

I'm a few hours behind on this update but I was looking for an epic picture to post of my dad on the beach. Mission Accomplished!!

My dad is the type of guy who it typically really quiet, unless he is really into something and you can see that glimmer in his eye. Just a few night ago I was asking if I could borrow some tools to build up our office deck...

Well that sparked an entire conversation about what each drill bit does, clamps, hand saws and rulers. Even though I knew what I needed I never said a word and let him continue, it's great to see him excited about telling me something that he is interested in, and we dont spend as much time together as we should. So moments like this are nice.

He has taught and given me so many things
How to stand up for myself.

To never give up.

There is always room for improvement.

Even though I have taken many different paths, and if we do
not always agree I know that he is proud of me.

I know that when I am in trouble or upset he would do anything to make it better.
I can make a mean BBQ, and have learned his Chili recipie inside and out.

When he says "That'a girl" I feel like I'm a little kid again and it makes me smile.

Happy Fathers Day Daddy!!

xoxo. Kyla

Friday, June 19, 2009


Phew these last two weeks have been a blur. I have had so much to do, and i'm not sure I can even remember if I did everything I needed!
I have 2 friends weddings coming up in the next months. One in July and the other in September for which I am a bridesmaid. I'm busy making cake toppers, guest sign in books presents, invites, doing alterations on dresses, planning parties....sooo much.
However I'm the most excited about the Guest sign in book. I have been working on it for the last 5 months bit by bit, and it has taken on a life of it's own I'm really excited about where it's going. Id show some pictures but incase the bride is a little snoopy I will save it for September :)
...but know that it gives me butterflys and I can't get through it without tears of joy!

Also have you seen the Hangover?? OMG!!!
I saw it opening night with my brother. I actually snorted laughing in the theater at least 3 times. I love movies that are totally rediculous and this was one of them!!

Also i'm totally behind on my My ESTY Shop . I have a rubbermaid container full of goodies to put up, so I'm trying to work on that. This weekend is just crazy.

Friday: Out with the office Staff for some Friday Patio Action

Saturday: Bridal Shower, and Bachlorette Party!

Sunday: Building benches and tables as a surprise for our office Patio area.

Painting, Crafts and napping? Gosh I hope so.

Also I bought these 2 AMAZING bags at the beginning of last week.

Dakine and Hurley <3

The red one is my "I have good intentions of going to the gym bag" haha it is currently holding some of my least I aimed high haha.

Also here are some of the goodies that are in the beginning stages:

I love the vintage little girl print above!!

These Ones are up in the shop now. I'm loving the bird houses!

Have a lovely weekend!!

xo. Kyla.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fasten your seatbelts!

Really quick post

I got my Drivers License today!!
lol I'm a late bloomer.

Also I'm off to see The Hangover with my brother, it's going to be hillarious i'm sure, bring on the lol's.

ps. bigger update to come with lots of pictures!

xo Kyla.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Eat Your Heart Out Tom Selleck!

So while at work I took a much needed brain rest and hopped onto etsy.

When I logged in I was greeted with a lovely surprise. One of my altered projects was included in the Etsy finds email, as well as a Storque article. Not just included the Main Picture Banner.

I did a little dance, no one in my office was as excited. haha I dont blame them I'm not sure they knew what I was talking about.

But that is ok, it was a much needed boost :)

Also I was looking at Decor 8 this camera is AMAZING. I acted as if I was made of money last night, and just bought it. With a large amount of film too.

Gosh, I have some epic goodies coming in the mail. I just got my Urban Outfitters box which is an accessory bonanza, and now I'm waiting on my RVA and this camera.

I <3 today...and Moustaches obviously.