Saturday, February 21, 2009

Journal Stuff

My journal has been filled with lots of Debbie Downer moments in the last few months. I thought I would post a Good and a Bad one...

Jersey. xo

So since December my puppy Jersey has been going through some tough operations.
On December 18th, she was diagnosed with Bone Cancer. We had the option to put her down, or remove her front left leg.

Since the removal she has had her ups and downs, but right now is doing amazing!

She is currently going through chemotherapy - but has made it through 2 rounds so far, and is handling it great. She's since been frolicing in the winter snow and going for short walks with us to get the mail.

XOXO. jersey

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hey All!
Yikes I have been procrastinating like nobody's business with starting this blog; it's unbelievable.
With that being said, Ive been somewhat
busy in the last while just trying to
get everything back together.

I've been crafting like crazy!

My ETSY shop should be up and running at some point here, all of the goodies have now spread throughout my house - I'm sure no one here is impressed by my lack of organization :)

I just wanted to do the formal hello... So hi!
I hope you enjoy my randomness :)