Sunday, April 8, 2012

DIY- Neon Plastic Eggs to Speckled Beauties

Hello Strangers!
I've been away for so long, and thought why not start my
return off with some fun DIY's for spring.

This super easy DIY helps you turn super inexpenive plastic eggs into adorable
speckled beauties that any mama bird would love.

Firstly I layed out a cardboard box and placed the seperated tops and bottms of each egg in rows.
I left them with their original color pairs as I wanted some of the color to peek through.
Truth be told the most tediuos part of this process was putting the
eggs back together again after they had dried.

I chose to spray paint a combination Cream and White.
Several light burts allowed the base color of the eggs to appear though in a new muted tone.
Once the bases were dry, I took four different acrylic paint
colors in Brown, Cream, Yellow and Grey.

I placed my brush in each one and ran my finger arross the brush top to create the speckled effect.

Once dried, decorate to your hearts content!

I also ended up using a few of these newly painted eggs in another DIY that will be up shortly.
Happy Crafting!
XO. Kyla

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