Tuesday, November 1, 2011

DIY - Glow In The Dark Mason Jars

I was asked last night via Instagram (@onelatenight) if I
could do a quick DIY for these Glowing Mason Jars.
Honestly, they are as easy as can be!
Last night I made a snap decision to give out candy, as I originally wasn't going to be home. That left me with very little time to decorate the front step. I didn't have time to carve a pumpkin and needed something to define the steps for the kids, that was also festive.

Mason Jars
Glow Stick Bracelets
Plastic Groccery Bag
Paper Towel

I had a bunch of those $1.50 tubes of Glow stick bracelets from Michaels, and 4 Mason Jars in various sizes. I placed all of my Mason Jars in the sink, and seperated my glow bracelets by color.
**The Blue and Green glow the brightest so make sure to place at least one of each color in each jar.
Crack all of the bracelets to release the color glow. Slowly and carefully over the sink cut off a tiny end piece and place it cut side down into the jar. I cut each glowstick over the sink into a plastic groccery bag to allow for easy cleanup. If there is any spray have a paper towel handy..
Do this for all colors and spread them out evenly between the amount of jars you have.
Once you have all bracelets cut, grab hold to the uncut ends sticking out of the jar and shake them back and forth inside making contact with the sides. You will start to see little droplets forming all over the edges. Eventually over time any excess will form along the bottom of the jar.

The Jars will glow for about 6 hours at a good brightness. Some may even glow for a little longer.
I hope you have a chace to add a few glow jars to your next event! It's a super inexpensive decoration, that will get a lot of attention.

Happy Crafting, from the girl with the Blue Hair!
I wore it for the whole 12 kids that came to get candy last night.

XO. Kyla