Thursday, October 6, 2011

School Photo Flashback!

I'm going to be having some new daily feature posts coming up starting on Monday to get on more of a schedule, and I'm going to start a 30 Day Blog Challenge tomorrow. I've seen a bunch floating around and I have put together a list of my favorite questions from a few lists.

Have a lovely Night!
I hope these give you the urge to dig though those old boxes and find
your own, and at the very least a giggle :)

XO. Kyla


  1. Haha I love them! So fun to look back on old pictures. Yours are great...I definitely have a few embarrassing ones! Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to blog them! ;) Looking forward to hearing more about this new feature! :)

  2. haha thank you!
    I don't think I've grown out of my awkwardness yet, maybe my late twenties is when I'll flourish hahah.

    I'd love to see them if you find the courage to do it! ;) (it's not too hard, I promise)

    xo. Kyla