Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Today I popped outside to get the mail, and suddenly ran into a previous next door neighbour!
Might I add that I was still wearing my pajamas, fuzzy slippers, and the not so cleanest of hair.
Classy lady over here.

Anyway, we spent some time catching up, talking about her family. I used to babysit all three of her children, and the youngest is now in Gr.12 it made me feel really old!
As she was about to leave she let me have one of the several bags of Crab Apples that she had just picked off a tree in her area. Amazing.

So on thursday, I'm going to attempt to make some Crab Apple Jelly.
Lets see how that goes!

For now some of them shall look pretty in pyrex.

I hope this little post gets you into the fall spirit!

XO. Kyla

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  1. i love your blog layout and the cute cute colors!!!!! i haven't been on your blog for a little while and need to catch up!!

    allister bee blog