Thursday, August 18, 2011

Amusement Park Adventure!

On Tuesday we decided to go to the little Amusement Park thats about 2 minutes outside of the city; Called Calaway Park. It's kind of Flintstones meets rides?
It's interesting at best now that I'm a grownup, and I know I whined about the Price.
lol, I've turned into that girl. haha.

Honestly I haven't been in about 11 years if I really think about it.
I promised Selina that I would take some pictures of her little family while we were there. Mason is getting so big! His first birthday is actually on the 27 th of this month.

We went on most of the little kid rides that Mason was allowed on! He let out the biggest smiles on the Carousel, a boy after my own heart :)

Also Ryan and I ended up going on the Rollercoaster while Selina and Mason watched from the ground. We actually got to sit in the front of the coaster; my first time ever. Highlight for sure!

I'm off to sew some goodies for the shop, and might have some exciting news to share soon.

Have a lovely Thursday!

XO. Kyla


  1. Haaa, this are great! I love how happy your boy looks at the horses!

  2. hehe thank you! He actually is the son of the couple in the last picture. I am his unofficial auntie :)

    xo. Kyla

  3. Aaw, yay!! :) Love Calaway Park! I feel like I'm living back in Calgary, through you...heh. Some good memories there!

  4. haha I hadn't been in forever!
    Is there anywhere else you'd like me to visit that you're itching to go vicariously? lol

    xo Kyla