Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Almost New Plush To The Shop!

So this almost new Plush Sailboat is going to be making it's way into my shop
as a regular item starting in the fall! YAY!

The lovely Janel from Run With Scissors asked if I would donate an item during the "Push For Pita" fundraiser a long while ago now. Not only was I absolutely tickled pink that she asked me, I was also really excited to try out a new Plush that I had been dreaming of.

The plush boat below is the one I made for the fundraiser. I was in love.

A few days ago Janel had asked me if I could make her a very special Sailboat Plush. This little boat below is on it's way now! To take it's place along side some of the AMAZING toys she has collected and to match her new nursery.

I have several styles and theme's in the works and I'm excited to add some to the shop!
I hope you like the new, almost addition.
I do have another new Plush Camera on it's way too.

XO. Kyla


  1. So adorable!!!!/MandyCrandell

  2. I'm the proud owner of the "Pita Sailboat," and I LOVE it!! (Just wanted to tell ya....)

  3. Thank you Mandy!!

    Aww Hannah, I'm SO glad you love it!

  4. Ohmygoodness - these lil soft ships of your are gorgeous!! :) Love!

  5. This sail boat is SO fucking lovely!

  6. This made me lol in the best way possible "This sail boat is SO fucking lovely!" <3

    Thank you too Michelle, more are coming soon; and it's about time!

    xo. Kyla

  7. I LOVE IT! Plus now it looks like Im going to need that Diana Plush in my near future too :) xo

  8. hehe thanks Janel!!!
    I would gladly drop everything to make you one ;)
    I'm going to try and add a few different color variations of the Diana Version too, so keep a look out!