Sunday, June 12, 2011

First Craft Show

So first off I'll start by saying at least my table was kinda cute.

I had been getting ready for this show for over a month, and it all happened on Saturday.
I pulled an all nighter the night before just because I was nervous and wanted to be really ready.

The day started with some lovely friends coming to visit and take part in my first show ever. I love you guys for being amazing, and getting some cute goodies for the little ones in your lives <3

That is where it all went down hill haha.

The weather was terrible, and that put a HUGE dent in the amount of people that showed up.
They were giving away 150 "goodie bags" halfway through the day and were giving out about 2-3 per family as I was told after. So they estimated hundreds and about 60-70 attended; in 8 hours.

All of the trade table seemed to take the majority of the attention as they had huge give aways.
The few craft tables that were there got lots of "awe your stuff is so cute" and that was about it.
I learned really quickly that this just wasn't my scene.

Needless to say it was a learning experience, and it REALLY made me appreciate Etsy and all of the amazing shoppers I have had over the last few years :)

So with that being said I have LOTS of Plush Cameras with Fabric fronts to add to the shop over the next few days, along with lots of cute kid friendly vintage!

I hope everyone loves them!!

XO. Kyla


  1. awww ur stall looks awesome!
    craft shows are really tough, Picking the right days and style where punters will like your stuff. So exhausting too.
    but respect for doing it and making it look so good, hope u have better luck in the future.

  2. Your table looks perfect! Don't be to discouraged and maybe try again at one point. Last year i went to renegade and there were tons of stalls that were like yours (crafty adorable things) and they were all flying off of the shelves so to speak. Just be more picky about the show you choose and I think you will flourish next time!

  3. Aww man that sucks! I've learned that some craft shows you do awesome at and then others just totally bomb. I hope you won't be too discouraged! Your table looks ADORABLE! :)

  4. aww thanks lovies! I really appreciate the compliments and all around positivity!

    I couldn't help but feel discouraged, but with that it keeps me motived to find one that is MUCH better suited for my style!

    I would kill to have a booth at Renegade! Can you do that if you live in Canada? haha I'm going to have to look into that when I feel more commited! :)


  5. aahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! they're so cute!!! i am excited to see them on your etsy site. i might have to get another to keep my little single guy company. i love it!! and i'm sorry to hear that it just didn't work out too well... that's never fun! but yes. your table is wicked cute! i love it!!

    allister bee blog