Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fabric Front Plush Camera's - Soon To Be Listed!

Ok a day late, but that is pretty good cause
usually I get distracted haha.

So Im going to post a few peeks. They won't have links yet as they aren't up on Etsy yet; but I'm going to be working
on that right after this :)

So 340 Pictures edited. That means:
68 Plush Lovies will be listed at some point!
I have about 10 more cut and ready to sew as well.
Along with more Camera Gift Card Pockets, Pinwheels and Custom Onesies!

The Onesies were special that I did as an extra for the show specifically, so we'll see how those go. I have 41 of those to photograph later, as well as the vintage
taking over my craft room!

So now for some pictures! This is only a few obviously :)

I hope ya'll like em'

Dinner time, then listing!

XO. Kyla


  1. ahhhhhhhhh!! there's so many of them that i love!!!!

    ♥ paislea!

  2. Thanks hunny!

    I have two full bins in front of me right now.
    I can honestly say, seeing them all completed makes me want to jump into the piles so bad!haha.

  3. Love them! My photographer is truning 30 in July and this would be the perfect gift. But where to buy??

    1. Oh dear i'm so sorry i didn't see this sooner! If you are still interested in a camera plush please email me at and we can chat about a custom one and I can list it on Etsy for you :)