Saturday, May 28, 2011

Veer: Clockbusters, and some Ramblings.

Hello Lovelies!

Oh gosh, I have been "sew" busy putting together Plush Cameras for the Craft show on June 11th.
I have 30 stuffed, and another 30 unstuffed with a few more to go.

I ran out of polyfil, but thankfully I found the biggest bags ever! So of course I grabbed up two just incase!

Also last night a pipe burst in our house.
We had to turn the water off until today when the
plumber came to fix it up.
Thank goodness, but we are down a bathroom now haha.

What I really came on to share was this AMAZING game.
If you watch movies this is the game for you!

Honestly it is SO addicting. You get to see three pictures and from those hints guess what movie they might be describing.

So much fun!

Go play! Really :)

XO. Kyla

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