Friday, May 13, 2011

Sew Cute, Sew Slow, Sew Sleepy

All I have been doing lately is sewing Plush Cameras for my upcoming Mom and Tot Show sale!
Ive gone out a few times to visit my favorite baby mamas, and tried to bring some to sew while there too.

I really hope I end up getting enough completed to make enough of an impact! Ive been sewing forever, and needless to
say I'm really stressed out.

I also have all of the goodies that I want to add to my table to make it whimsical and fun.

I also got my first bunch of Business Cards in the Mail. They were really fun to design and see printed out.



XO. Kyla

Ps. YAY Blogger is back!

I hope everyone has a lovely day <3


  1. love them! I think i need a camera....seriously...NEED:P lol

  2. Awe thank you!!

    The show is on June 11th. I'm making extra to put up onto etsy after it's all said and done. So totally keep an eye out :)

  3. I am IN LOVE with that little gray polka dot camera in front. I know these are for a craft show, but any chance I could snag that one or have you make another one like it? email me here:

    i love it so much and I want it to be in my home right now!!!! hahaha

  4. Awe thank you so much Elaine!

    I just sent you an email :)


  5. ahhhh! these are just so cute! i love the patterned fronts!!!

    allister bee blog

  6. I know this is a really old post, but I came across the picture in a Google search, and I just had to say, these are adorable! :)