Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Mail From Jones Soda

I got a super fun letter in the mail from Jones Soda yesterday.
I submitted a bunch of photos last year some time, and a few were actually selected as staff picks.
I thought that was pretty cool.

The letter let me know that one of my photos was actually chosen and is now printed on Root Beer flavored
bottles in circulation now!

Conveniently I love Root Beer. Match Made!

They sent me some of the actual labels in the mail as well, just incase I never find a bottle as they do not tell you were your bottles are actually delivered. So let the scavenger hunt begin!

If any of my amazing readers happens to see a bottle I would love love LOVE to have one and would pay for all of the mailing costs etc to have it delivered :) Just let me know if you see one.

This was the actual photo they picked:

Pretty neato if I do say so myself!

XO. Kyla