Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Tyla!

My friend Tyla had her birthday yesterday!
She is actually the mommy of little miss Paige who
you see on here from time to time.

It was a lovely day.
We did some shopping, lunching, relaxing, playing,
dinner, cake and scrapbooking!

Plans changed and I didn't know I was going over
yesterday until about 9pm the night before.
I got right into bake mode.

I finally got to use my "cakewich" silicone bake pan.
It turned out super cute, and tasted amazing!
I filled it with a whipped peanut butter frosting, slightly
warmed raspberry jam and slices of banana.

I made sure it wasn't too rich so Paige could dive in too :)

I also picked up some cute little rainboots for Paige. They were in her easter basket, but they were too cute, we brought them out just for a quick peek early!

Happy Birthday Beautiful!

XO. Kyla

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