Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Happy Wednesday!

So today I decided to hop on Tumblr and create an account. It's pretty cute! I love all of the fun videos, pictures and quotes!
Also I love how you can ask questions.

So does anyone have a Tumblr account, and what are
some of your favourite daily reads?
I'd love to hear about them so I can check them out too!

So if you have an account feel free to find me, I'm here OneLateNight and I'll add you back :)

Next stop is Pinterest as I have put it off long enough haha.

XO. Kyla


  1. I have a photoblog on Tumblr ( I recommend EatSleepDraw and Terry Richardson's Diary

  2. Thank you!!
    I will check everyone out :)
    I'm definitley lovin' it!