Monday, March 14, 2011

3.14. It's my Birthday. 27 Before 28.

1. Become Debt Free.

2. Lose at least 50 Pounds.

3. Go on a Road Trip, with someone or alone.

4. Reach 200 sales in my etsy shop.

5. Find a new job because I need one, then work
towards finding one I love.

6. Expand My Camera and Lens collection.

7. Continue taking pictures, but display more!

8. When Debt Free, start saving
specifically for a new place.

9. Work towards creating a bound coffee
table book of my photography.

10. Create at least five new or revamped versions of Plush items in my shop.

11. Work towards having my own table at a
large local craft show.

12. See the Life-size Dollhouse in
Manitoba, Canada.

13. Wear something other than a hoodie everyday.

14. Write down and compose a collection of
my favourite recipes.

15. Create some color story photo collections.

16. Color every picture in a brand
new Coloring Book.

17. Create little note cards and leave them
in random areas to brighten someone's day throughout this year.

18. Leave my hair naturally curly more often.

19. Read at least 3 Books.

20. Eat Breakfast as many mornings as I can!

21. Maybe try and go out on a date, maybe.

22. Clean out and organize my craft room, again.

23. Wear makeup more often, cause you never
know who you'll run into!

24. Drink more Tea.

25. Go Camping!

26. Be the best "Unrelated Auntie" to the most
wonderful little ones ever!

27. Be extra positive when ever I can, to make up for the days that I'm low.

Here's to being 27, be gentle hehe.

XO. Kyla

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  1. Heyy, I just googled " 28 birthday", cause i needed an image for my "party-invitation". Through the picture of that cupcake i came across this blog :) Thanks for this list (y) I'll make my list of my own 27 things to do, before turning 28 (within a month).
    I'll probably post it on fb, or instagram. i'll add the link of your version of it, so you'll get the credits ^^ I'm Dutch btw, hi ! I'm Rianne, nice to meet you.