Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sending Some Love - Via My Etsy Shop

So being that it's February I thought I would do a big markdown to make way for some new items.
I also permanently marked down my Plush Goodies!
Just my way of sending out a little love, from me to you.

Also everyone else in my house would *love* if I cleared stock so it's not all in their way haha. It's spilling out of my craft room at a crazy rate. My car back seat is also full of stuff, but that is helping slightly with the icy roads haha. So really that just means there is lots of stuff waiting to pop into the shop!

So follow this link to myEtsy Shop and hop on over to the SALE section. I also changed up shipping on all items it's much lower too; as some didn't get changed since Christmas express mail. Oopsie!

Mucho Love.
XO. Kyla

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