Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Push For Pita!

If you haven't already heard February is dubbed
"The Push For Pita".
The lovely Janel from the Blog Run With Scissors has mad it so. This is the link to all of the info about Pita and a couples quest to adopt. However I'm sure if you have found my blog, you already know who Janel is haha.

She was kindly asking for some Bloggers and Etsy sellers to donate an item to her shop. The item would be sold and the money would be placed into the adoption fund for Pita. <3

I grabbed my idea note book and pulled out an idea that was going to create for Spring!
So it's a little early, but for a GREAT cause :)

The Plush Sail Boat

So, I hope you love it!
If you love it enough pop over to Janels Etsy Shop
and grab it up for a great cause!

XO. Kyla

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