Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Posting Theme.

So I should be back and around much more often again. November and December were so beyond busy I think
I'm finally recovered haha.

I thought of a new posting theme over the holidays
that I wanted to start for the new year.
It's called "I Spy With My Little Eye"
It's going to take over my random 365 days posts.
Cause we all know I did so *well* with that lol.

So basically it's still going to be pictures of normal everyday life and cute things. However it will be something about the picture that jumps out to me might it be a color, shape, feeling or just a moment in time.

This seems much more my style. I also used to LOVE
playing this game when I was little.
So heres to adapting my childhood and working it into my somewhat grown up life.

Happy Sunday!

XO. Kyla

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