Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy First Birthday Paige

Oh dear how this year flew by!
Litte Miss Paige turned one today, January 1st baby.

17 Days Old

One Year!! In her birthday outfit with mommy.
Skull print!. I love it.

Kisses with daddy after cake clean up!

Being Very dainty with the cake eating.
That was actually our bad!
We put the cake in the fridge and forgot to let it get back
to room temp lol.

Here is the cake I made her.
"Pink" Velvet and Vanilla giant cupcake.
All organic and only a touch of sugar when absolutely necessary.
All of the rest was made with Raspberry Puree, and Fresh Berries.
It was actually really good!

Then her gift.
Mommy wanted her to have her very own plush camera!

Happy birthday little bug!

XO. Kyla

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  1. awe awe awe!!! so cute!! i love the plush but even more i love the little babyyyy!!

    allister bee blog