Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Second Coldest Place On Earth!

So yesterday Calgary, AB Canada was the second coldest place on earth! First place was Antarctia.
Alberta areas continued to round out the top four places.
That is crazy! It was like -40 with the wind chill yesterday.

I tell you this because I have a mega Flu.
I HAD to go out yesterday.
I didn't see what everyone was complaining
about, it seemed really nice out.
Apperantly my fever was so high I didn't really
notice how cold it was.
I was sitting in hot flash city. haha

However I did make my way over to the Starbucks drive thru so I had something to drink while I was stuck in the winter weather commute. Extra Hot Peppermint Hot Chocolate!
The barista gave me 3 shots of peppermint to sooth my throat, even though my nose is so plugged I couldn't really taste it, coughing was a bit nicer for that drive :)

haha I sound so disgusting lol
I'm getting better. First cold of the winter is always the worst, and I'm getting
it out of the way right at the beginning!
Once its gone maybe I should repaint my

XO. Kyla