Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloweenish Giveaway!

I'm a mega slowpoke!
I even took pictures today with my decaying pumpkin that I saved to prove it's lateness!

SO if you want some spooky goodies, and piles of candy make sure to enter :)

So in this giveaway you get:
Handfulls of yummy candy! The good kind, not the leftovers :)
The Dvd of ZOMBIELAND! One of my Fave movies ever!
2 Halloween inspired rubber, wood backed stamps
2 packs of (4) Halloween Kinder Surprise
2 Cute wooden Halloween Embellishments
* Disgusting pumpkin not included I promise haha*

To be entered to win:
Leave a comment with your favourite memory from this Halloween!
Become or Be a follower of The Fiction We Live <3 because the more the merrier, and I give away cute things hehe. At the bottom of your comment make sure to include your email so I can contact you if you win!

My Favourite memory from this Halloween, is loading pictures from our little Zombie party and finding this picture of myself on my camera. I didn't remember taking it and
scared the *&#@ out of me.
haha honestly!
I'm scared that I can look like that. *shudder*

Ps. The second episode of The Walking Dead is on tonight. YAY!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

XO. Kyla


  1. First of all that picture is terrifying...will you do my makeup next year? Secondly, I am so glad you shared The Walking Dead...I had no idea it existed...and now I just wish it was on so I could watch it...I'm sad I missed the first episode :(

  2. All I did this halloween was bake pumpkin seeds which turned out SOOOOO yummy.

  3. Dang, girl! You look sooo creepy! My fave memory of this Halloween is carving pumpkins with my hubby and my son - sooooo many laughs! All our pumpkins reflected our different personalities.
    Btw, I love the comment you left on Miss Indie's blog :)


  4. favorite halloween memory of this year was "freestyle" pumpkin carving with my husband!!!
    halloween is our anniversary so just spending time with him was good enough for me!!

  5. Your makeup looks amazing! SO creepy! :)

    My favorite memory this Halloween was having my parents come over for dinner. It was a pretty low-key day! lol

  6. I love the rotting pumpkin! It still looks cute even in its decaying state.

    My favorite memory from this Halloween was taking my son trick or treating with my nieces. He was Woody, and his fave cousin was Jessie. They were so adorable walking the streets saying lines from Toy Story.


  7. oh my goodness! Zombieland is on of my allll time favorite movies!

    My favorite memory from this Halloween was taking my first shot of Patron! Never tried, probably never will again. HA! I'm stickin to beer ;) Love this giveaway!