Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh My Gosh! I'm a Slow Poke.

Happy Monday everyone!!
I've been a little mia lately. Doing lots of projects, spending Thanksgiving with family this past weekend, and spending about 2-3 days a week over in the South of the city with Momma and Baby Mason until all hours of the night haha.
She is an absolute peach!

So as you can tell I am WAY behind on my 365 days of pictures.
12 to be exact lol
I have taken lots, just haven't posted them
So that is what I'm here to do :)

Pictures 29 through 40

Monkey Toes

Fortune Cookie Crackers
I did a DIY on these for Carol's Blog "That Is Charming" Check it out here

Dinner For Two

Best Ceaser In Town

Cheeky Monkey

Piano Keys


Moustache Baby, Goin For A Trip

6 Weeks Old

Multi Colored

Tomato Basil Soup. mmm

Familia. *Some

So thats my last week or so in a nut shell!
Isn't that little suitcase shoot to die for! eek!

I hope everyone has the most minimal case of the Monday's today!
I'll be back with my picture for today and a GIVEAWAY!!!!

It's cute I promise <3

XO. Kyla


  1. Those fortune cookies are so cute and I love that piano key shot!

  2. LOVE these photos! That soup looks delicious, love the baby in the suitcase! And the tutorial for those fortune cookies is awesome!!