Friday, October 1, 2010

Corn Maze? Sign me up!

That is what I'm doing tonight. I'm going to a corn maze!
It is the largest and most interactive puzzle in Southern Alberta. Each year, is a new design and a new challenge.

The corn maze is 10+ acres in size (about the size of ten football fields), with the corn reaching a peak height of 10 feet.
This is what it looks like from above

Guess who is most likely to get lost? This girl! haha
This will be my phone call for help " hey dad, would you mind coming to get me, I think I'm lost somewhere in the pumpkin patch, or maybe it's the cloud above the barn *click* hello?...please help me"

I didn't even know we had this here, let alone for SEVERAL years.
Since it will also be dark, I'm probably going to be scared. I will not hesitate to mow down a teenager to get out!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday night!
I'll be back tomorrow with pictures, my late 365 day shots, and general randomness.
Toodles <3

XO. Kyla


  1. haha! Me and some friends did something like this in Memphis, TN. It took us forever to get through! And near the end they had a guy chase us with a chainsaw. He chased us back farther into the maze so it was harder to get back out. We freaked out! It was so much fun though! Have fun!

  2. WHAT A CHAINSAW!!?!?!? We have something like that around halloween called project x. Just this entire place transformed to scare you. Knives, cainsaws, clowns chasing you around.

    This guy in a freddy mask came out of a corner in the dark right in my face and I was just silent I couldn't make a noise. I was too scared to move and then finally I said "I think I peed my pants" lol the guy in the mask burst out laughing and had to walk away.

    Traumatic at best! lol

  3. Visiting from Freckled Nest! I'm from rural northern Maryland and corn mazes are HUGE here, though I've never been through one. I would've been scared too!

  4. I have never been in a corn maze, but I bet it is loads of fun! Although I too would be lost and need someone to guide me home : )

  5. I live in Texas! We have been going to one for years! My favorite thing about fall!!

  6. I've always wanted to go to Texas...My dad says it's beautiful :)

  7. i love southern alberta and i love corn mazes. i am jealous. have fun!

  8. Visiting from Freckled Nest. Thanks for sponsoring her so I could discover this little corner of cuteness.

  9. There's nothing like a corn maze in October. :) Cute blog! I'm visiting from FN.

  10. nom nom nom.....corn :P

    popped in from Freckled nest to say Hi Hi :P

    Smiles to u,
    sbb girls :>

  11. !!!!!!!! THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!! oh man!!! I commented on someone's blog earlier about corn mazes and how I love 'em but I'm always scared of snakes, but this would SO be worth it!!!

  12. Hi! I found you through Freckled Nest. How fun with this corn maze be? We lived in Nebraska and they had some awesome designed ones like this. Throughout the maze they had signs where you could text for a clue (go left or right etc). Fun!!


  13. Hi, I found you from Freckled Nest, too :)
    I have never been in a corn maze, but I've always wanted to find one to try! I hope you had a blast.