Sunday, September 26, 2010

So Foxy! *Giveaway*

This little giveaway is short and sweet.
I'm going to be doing another one specifically for Autumn soon!

To be entered to win:

1) Leave a comment with your favourite Autumn Activity!
2) Become or Be a follower of The Fiction We Live <3

Ps. I'll do the draw for this giveaway on Sunday :)

XO. Kyla


  1. I am totally a follower of course!!

  2. and my favorite fall activity is going to all of the little festivals around here :) xo
    totally crossing my fingers for this one!! All of those things would be wonderful in my fall journal!!!

  3. This is the sweetest giveaway! I'm a follower on google favorite fall activity is the pumpkin show in a town about 40 minutes from my house...all the pumpkin food and activities you can imagine!

  4. I love this giaveaway! I've really been wanting to watch Fantastic Mr Fox.

    My favorite autumn activity is bonfires, and just going for walks or bike rides in the cool weather.

  5. and i really need that foxy stuff :) my favorite fall time thing to do is hand with my brother. normally it's the only time he gets to come home on leave. :) (and he's coming over next week!!! YES!)


  6. i follow you with bloglovin and my favorite activty its just walking with my boyfriend and drink hot chocolate ! :)

  7. I super love that fox made of perler beads! :)

    My favorite fall activity is drinking apple cider and hot chocolate! Yum! :)


  8. and I LOVE wearing sweaters, and taking fall pictures outside.

  9. My favorite autumn activity is bon fires! (and pumpkin picking!)


  10. I love to decorate for fall of course.
    Then watch the movie Signs and head to the corn maize!
    Love your fall photos!

  11. What a lovely giveaway!
    I wanted to see Fantastic Mr. Fox so bad and somehow never got to, so this is a great reminder! My favorite autumn to-do is roasted pumpkin seeds....mmmmmm!

  12. Oooo how lovely! I Live in Phoenix where it's still hot and not at all Fall-y. Even so, I love to turn the air down and get to baking- m favorite Autumn activity : )

  13. yay im a follower! what an awesome giveaway :D

  14. AND my favorite fall activity has to be the fall festival and making caramel apples. or maybe all the baking and the pumpkin patch. its all magic to me.

  15. My favorite activity is playing in the leaves.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  16. & my favourite fall activity is putting on a scarf and mittens and going for a walk with my boy. it's not quite that cold yet (we're getting the rainy fall weather lately) so i'm still waiting to be able to do this. hopefully in october (which is actually so soon!)

    ps: i have yet to see this movie and i've heard nothing but really great things about it so it would be neat to win this :) & the perler beads are adorable annnnd i need more art in my home actually so this giveaway is wonderful! *fingers crossed*

  17. My favorite fall activity is decorating for Halloween. It's my favorite holiday, it compliments the perfect change in weather. The fall breeze during the evenings/mornings gives more motivation to putting up all the fun decorations (with an open window of course!) :)

  18. Corn Maze!!!...but really playing in the leaves...I love the sound they make when you step on them!
    ...and I already follow you :)

  19. Fav Autumn activity? Taking walks with my camera in hand because beauty is everywhere during this short, but sweet season. Also, mini road trips! The colours are so vivid, and I love watching the scenes unfold out the window of the car.

  20. I am now a follower of this sweet blog! And, what a sweet foxy giveaway! :)