Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Camper! 365 Days Of Photography - Day 5!

Wow so today I checked out some Flea Markets, and tried some thrifting. I came home with only one really good find today. HOWEVER! I checked out a really cute antique store that had some adorable stuff. Under all of these piles I spotted these beautiful Robin's Egg Blue leather studded chairs in PERFECT condition around a table full of goodies.

Turns out, this table top was made by a couple who owned the set previously to put on in place of the original Dusty Grey Laminex top to keep it in prestine condition.

The shop owner is away next week but will be back the following and he's going to bring in the original top, AND the leaf insert *giddy* of the original table.
New table top and frame, Chairs, Original table top, leaf insert. $300.00.

It is in MINT condition. <--That might be a pun ;)

I can't wait to get it, and store it every so lovingly until I move.

XO. Kyla


  1. i came across a yellow formica table that was similar to that one (but obviously not with a wood top) and it was $200 but i had absolutely no room for it. i will always remember that little table and hope that when day, when i do have room, we will meet again. that mint is gorgeous though. lucky find!

  2. Aww I completely know the feeling! I can't wait to see the original grey/blue top. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be :)

    I'm already making room in my house and have all of the packing goodies. I honestly have no where to keep the table upright. However I have a spot under the stairs that will be dedicated to this table and chairs for safe keeping before I move :)

  3. So pretty!

    My nana has a yellow formica table, haha! She's had it for over 50 years I'm guessing!