Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DIY: Fabric Logo Tag!

Firstly I am by no means an expert.
I was just getting fed up with trying to find a good at home way to make tags for my Plush Cameras!

There are tonnes of DIY's on the internet on how to make these, I just found that I couldn't find freezer paper to save my life! So I tried this instead, and I got really fantastic results.

Before you start creating the fabric labels make sure to use a word program to create your logo. I just used Digital Image Pro and the text. Wrote my name, and then flipped it so my label would be double sided when sewn onto my plush cameras.

For this DIY you will need a piece of fabric that you would add to your items. Something that blends in, or that is out there enough for your personality, but doesn't clash with your products. However make sure it's Cotton. Flimsy silky stuff I don't think would give you very crisp results. For this DIY I used a fun striped fabric, and my first set was created on a plain grey. 

Along with Fabric you will need Scissors, a Binder Section Divider, Spray Adhesive, Throw Away Paper, Printer and Fray Check.

The throw away paper is just to protect your table and floor from the Spray Adhesive! I really push this step, as spray glue can be a pain to clean up :)

Take your adhesive and spray the divider page very lightly. The divider page is one of those ones that have the colored tabs. I just cut the tab off so it would fit through the printer. The dividers are thin enough to go through the printer smoothly but provide enough of a backing to guide that fabric through.

Right when you have sprayed the adhesive turn over your divider and press it onto the fabric. (make sure to adhere to the side you do not want to print on) Doing this right away does not allow the glue to set up fully and will allow you to pull your fabric off after printing.

Flip over so the fabric is on top and smooth out all wrinkles. If there are any simply peel the fabric and lay back down again. Once your fabric is all smoothed out grab your scissors and cut around the divider so your fabric is now the length and width of the paper.

Hop onto your computer and do a test run with your logos, on printer paper. I found the first time I made my logos they printed out WAY bigger than I expected. I made them much smaller and did an additional print until I was happy with the size. I got 24 labels on one sheet with space in between.

Once you have done the test print, take your fabric backed divider and place it in your
 printer fabric side down.

Once you press print give your fabric paper a little push to get your printer to grip on and start printing.

As an added tip make sure there is no spray adhesive on the outside of the divider or fabric. This may cause your paper to jam. If there are any sticky spots dust lighty with baby powder and it will be perfect!

Once printed you will have your logos on the fabric! Yay!

Let your printer ink and fabric set up for a few minutes.
Once it is dry grab your Scissors and Fray Check. Find a corner and peel the fabric away from the divider.

Cut out your logo tag.
Make sure when cutting it out you leave enough fabric on the lenth of the logo so as to have a space to sew through on your product. That is why there is lots of room between each printed logo.

On the width you can cut as close to your logo as you would like. If your top length edges are wonky no big deal as this will be hidden when sewing.

The part to focus on is the actual logo, making sure when it's folded in half that the whole word shows on each side.

Next grab your Fray Check.
This is going to put a seal along the edges of your fabric so it will not pull away and fray :)

I do all edges regardless if it will be seen or not. Lightly squeeze the bottle and run it along the full edge dont use too much as it will start to bleed onto the logo. If it happens no biggie it will just take longer to dry. Once all the edges are completely leave alone to dry for about 5 minutes.

Once dry, sew your logo onto your product!

I hope that was at least a little bit helpful :)
If you have any questions totally let me know!

XO. Kyla