Wednesday, September 8, 2010

365 Days Of Photography - Day 7!

Today I did some errands, edited photo's, etsy personal deliveries, sewed some cute onsies, and tried not to fall asleep before I was done everything I need to do today :)
Tomorrow is going to be exciting for sure!

Paint Layered Mess

Bed Time Soon!

XO. Kyla


  1. I love this series you are doing! So creative!

  2. Thank you!! It's mostly for me, but I think the sharing is the best part. It's super easy for me to take loads of pictures everyday of anything.

    However it's the posting or printing them that is becoming problematic for the last few years. Now that everything is digital, I have lots of computer files full of pictures that just sit there.

    So I'm including everyone in my daily randomness :)

  3. GORGEOUS! I love messes like paint everywhere. :)