Tuesday, September 14, 2010

365 Days Of Photography - Day 14, and Fabric Labels!

This morning I have lots to do, but now that I found my licence all I want to do is drive around.
It's gross outside, so as much as I want to I'll pass!
I have some cute things to make!

Todays picture is breakfast!

Oatmeal; with Brown Sugar, Cinnamon and a few White Chocolate Chips!
As you can see from the cup, I overflowed it in the microwave. I do this every time. I'm not sure why I haven't figured out the right setting yet haha.

Also I FINALLY found a way to make labels for my plush goodies that I love. I have been going without this entire time, just due to the order time and the expense. I have tried out lots of at home remedies nothing has really worked; and I can't find said "freezer paper".

 Yesterday I went on a whim sat on my kitchen floor and just tried out an idea, and it was amazing!!! So finally here is the first fabric tag attempt. I'm going to make some on printed fabric next!

If anyone is interested in how I ended up making them let me know and I'll whip up a DIY :)

XO. Kyla


  1. I'm totally interested...I would definitely use this if you put it together. Please and thank you :)

  2. Oooh...I'd love to see a tag DIY! Those are so cute! :)

  3. Done and Done! I'll try and whip one up today!

  4. i'm in love with your breakfast. i looks soooo yummy!!!!!!!!

    and your last comment: done and done? do youuuu watch gossip girl?

  5. I would love to know how to make them!!!

  6. The DIY is up ladies :) I hope it makes sense!
    If you have any questions please let me know :)

    Paislea; I actually don't! I caught the season premier last night while I was sewing, and had NO idea what was going on haha. I think I've stayed off the bandwagon long enough and I'll start it from the beginning :)