Friday, August 6, 2010

Journaling For A Cause! Prompts 1 - 11

I've been a SUPER slow poke about posting my journal entries. I can say that I have finally added them all to Flickr, and I'll post them here too. Such awesome prompts for an amazing cause!

Feels good to be nice and caught up <3

Prompt 1 - Welcome To My Life

Prompt 2 -  Journaling Goals

Prompt 3 - Altering A Repeat Image

Prompt 4 - Happiness

Prompt 5 - All In The Details

Prompt 6 - Blank Page, Your Choice

Prompt 7 - What Are You Thankful For

Prompt 8 - Go To Clothes

Prompt 9 - Book Cover

Prompt 10 - Books

Prompt 11 - Three Items You Can't Live Without

All of the why's and details about each entry are on my Flickr in the Journal Pages Set.

XO. Kyla

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