Saturday, August 28, 2010

Father, Daughter Day.

My Dad had a day off work today;
so he asked me if I wanted to do something!
We went to this place in Calgary, called Heritage Park.

It's basically an "amusement" park. Mostly it shows homes and settlements from the 1900's. It looks like you're entering another era. It's a full mock working city. All of the staff wear period costumes, and work as Blacksmiths, Train Engineers, even Housewives/Children tending to the farm. However they do have carnival rides too. All of the houses and artifacts are real and salvaged from the actual time and have been donated. They also have this new area called Gasoline Alley *swoon*

It's WAY more fun than I made it sound, I promise. I haven't been there in about 15 years.
So it's like new again.

The last time I was there it was on a school field trip in Grade 4. We did an entire school day out in the old school on the property. We had to dress up, and bring only food for lunch that was available in that time. We did spelling Bees, and had recess playing with sticks, and one swing. haha. I went back today and found my desk!

I wrote my name on the chalkboard and claimed it again!

Ok, enough words! Here are some more pictures :)

My Dad :)
( I found out today he doesn't really like being in pics, had to be sneaky!)

Just me :)
Lil miss chunky monkey lol

Picture Overload! It was hard to narrow it down to these!
Have a fantastic Weekend!

XO. Kyla


  1. wow, is that ever a neat place! i love those reminds me of my boyfriends mums boyfriends place...haha, did you get that? he owns a marina and so he has lots of extra space for things...he owns like 5 vintage cars, 3 vintage bikes, loooots of vintage stuff. it's so awesome.

  2. That sounds awesome! I love how you remembered whcih desk was yours. :) So cool.

  3. AHH Carly! I bet his place is fantastic! I honestly could have stayed there all day. I really have a thing for metal vintage signs; just not enough room right now. My goal is to get enough to fill at least one theme wall when I move into a new place.

    haha I was talking about "my" desk all day. It was lovely to go an check it out again. A super fun childhood memory for sure. :)

  4. love these photos! You are very talented!