Thursday, July 22, 2010

What I have been up to....

SO! I'm going to around again much more offten.
Getting sick caused me to get way behind on sleep and deadlines.
I'm officially caught up as of today!
 It is the BEST feeling ever.
I'm going through and organizing my creative ideas lists into one, for the rest of the week.
 So I can get started on some new stuff :)

Over the past few weeks I have:
Survived Strep
Completed and Shipped my first Wholesale order
of Plush Cameras!
Listed the Original Polaroid Plush in my shop!
Did a fantastic makeup photoshoot for
some lovely ladies <3
Manged to keep my room clean
(this must be some sort of record honestly)
Found some cute plaid button up shirts
on my limited budget
(obsessed to say the least)
Confirmed my trip to Newfoundland for
Aug 12th - 20th YAY!!!
Completed a custom embroidered bag for a lovely boy,
for his g/f's birthday! d'aww

Now for some picture evidence.

XO. Kyla


  1. youre cameras are cute! and i love that embroidery! Congrats on the wholesale order and not being sick anymore haha.

  2. Way to go! Love the embroidery!! And the cameras, of course :)

  3. Thanks Ladies!!

    Isn't the embroidery the cutest!!! The boyfriend came up with it all on his own; it means a lot to his g/f in some way. So needless to say adorable x100!

  4. hmmm - a redhead bombshell? Nice work. My friend still wears her bag everywhere. Glad to hear you're feeling well.

  5. Aww that would be the cutest if it was!! Im not sure I believe it has something to do with a game she plays :)

    Im really glad that she uses it still!!

    Thank you :) Im feeling MUCH better.