Tuesday, July 27, 2010

To Do List and Random Music!

This week I plan on actually finishing a BUNCH
of things from my ever expanding to do list.

I swear on this little lady bug that I found at the zoo!

I got SO busy and totally forgot the Journaling for a Cause class started on the 26th; so I'm going to catch up tomorrow.
Super fun Give Away almost together, just have to take pictures.
Change my flight home from Nfld to the 20th instead.
Job interview for Telus Mobility tomorrow @ 10:30!
Swimming with baby Paige on Thursday.
Find a bathing suit for the above adventure haha.
Upload songs to my Ipod for the trip.
Make a wrestling belt for a Taco eating contest!
(I'll do a post about this later haha.)
Make a cute custom plush camera for a super cute Red Head!
List a pile of vintage goodies to my etsy shop.
Paint MORE!
Perfected my Noni's salad dressing style; eat it every day when I need a snack instead of going for the junk!

Here is a really random playlist of songs I have
been listening to today.
Some of them are completely silly; but I love them all the same.

XO. Kyla

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