Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pretty In Pink; GIVEAWAY!

I decided to send July out with with a
bang, and have another giveaway!

This give away includes some ultra sweet treats <3

To be entered to win:

1. Leave a comment below
Telling me: Your favourite girly guilty pleasure! along with your email.

2. Be a follower of The Fiction We Live :)

Good Luck!!

XO. Kyla

Ps. Make sure to check out Giveaway Scout They have listings of giveaways via blogs from all over the world with so many possibilites! Lots of cute stuff :)


  1. oooh girly guilty pleasure? chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream.... yummmm! I had some last night and felt like such a girl! Loved it! :)


  2. Wohoo! so much pink~

    My favorite girly pleasure... painting my nails with pretty designs! so much fun, and the result is always rewarding.

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

  3. My guilty pleasure is pedicures once a week. I love them and enjoy the hour of me time.

  4. my girly guilty pleasure??.
    spend a lot of money in nail polish, clothes and other guirly things, i feel really guirly when i buy a new dress.!

  5. reading fashion magazine and watching The Hills and The City.

    ( am following you with bloglovin :) )

  6. my favorite girly guilty pleasure is probably wasting money on lotions and and perfumes- i mean i have so much i never use. i guess thats why they call it a guilty pleasure.

    oh, and also Felicity...


  7. MY favorite girl guilty pleasure is watching trashy tv with popcorn or ice cream in hand! oh and dresses!



  8. What a fun giveaway!!! Oh goodness, I don't spoil myself very often. Never even had a manicure or pedicure! Yikes! I'll say that my guilyt pleasure is....sending the kids to bed early so I can have some quiet time. ha!

    I'm already a follower!!!
    xo -jamie

  9. how exciting!!! i have to say that my guilty girlish pleasure is watching those teen-based shows on ABC family!! I feel I'm too old to be watching them...but I just can't resist! I never miss an episode of my favorites!

  10. I am pretty sure I am a follower, but I can't figure out how to go and check...

    I'm not much of a girly girl. but i always declared pink my least favorite color of all time, until the past year or so, where I actually like certain shades of it and overall the colors isnt THAT bad.

    fortheloveofartandthemaking at gmail dot com

  11. My guilty pleasure is ... LOVING The Devil Wears Prada. Also, spending a crap ton of money on clothes.

  12. My favorite guilty girly pleasure is taking long bubble baths... til I am pink and wrinkly... reading Cosmo and drinking a strawberry margarita... surrounded by candles... it's unbeatable :) Aside from that, I also have a cute panty addiction LOL... I always want to buy fun/funky/cute underroos :) haha

  13. Wohoo! thats a big ..... give away

    My favorite girly pleasure...
    its my fascination for beautiful things to surround .. even at work .. I have a calendar made by me ... with thousands of stickers of hearts and flowers:)
    and my Hello Kitty speakers for my ipod

  14. ooh pretty!!
    My favorite girly splurge is LUSH bath products & loose leaf teas :)

    & i am already a follower of your blog!

  15. Oo, love this!

    My favorite girly guilty pleasure is Nicole by OPI nail polish. I love the bright, happy colors. :)

    I follow you via Google Reader.

    - Nicole

  16. Oh. Em. Gee! What cute things!!! My favorite girl guilty pleasure is buying purses and wallets. I LOVE purses and I always seem to need a wallet to match;)


  17. fun giveaway!
    my fav GGP is painting my nails red and pink, taking deliciously long baths, and shopping of course!

  18. My girly guilty pleasure is taking looong foamy baths and scrubbing myself with fruity soaps, and a good book. perfect!

  19. ...girly guilty pleasure is nail polish...I love buying new ones...I have so many colours!

  20. I love pink! It's my favorite color. >.<

    And I have so many guilty girly pleasures... but I guess I would say that I love dressing up really nice and going dancing with my girl friends! Our boys hate it, but we gotta do what we gotta do!