Friday, July 30, 2010

Grindhouse; Double Feature.

I can't even explain how much I love this movie.
It's so campy, and amazing.
I remember being SO excited when I first heard about the double feature movie coming out years ago.

Planet Terror and Death Proof

I saw it opening night, and it was fantastic. All of the little commercials, and ad's the directors made themselves to enhance the feeling of a 70's drive in movie style double feature.

I also tried really hard to think about how to be Cherry Darling, with the machine gun leg for Halloween! Attaching two toy guns to the side of my leg didn't quite give off the same effect in my mind haha.

Anyway; while I was crafting last night I watched it on TV; and it made me pull out some wicked pictures and listen to the Soundtracks today. I LOVE it.

Planet Terror
"I'm gonna eat your brains, and gain your knowledge"

"These are my friends.
My Yellow friend is to take the sting off.
My blue friend you'll barely feel.
That means my yellow friend is already taking effect.
See how fast my friends work?
And after my red-headed friend, you'll never see me again"

Death Proof

"Cheers, Butterfly.
The woods are lovely, dark, and deep. And I have promises to keep. Miles to go before I sleep. Did you hear me, Butterfly? Miles to go, before you sleep."

XO. Kyla

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