Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dad Rhymes With Plaid! DIY

 I have a cute little DIY for fathers day. I thought I would post it before the actual day this time...unlike mothers day, but I digress.

So the backstory on this is that my dad has a Motorcycle. With that comes a select few tools that he brings with him at all times just incase a tune up is necessary. He has these tools in this beauty....

Oh Fanny Packs...not this time Dad!

So grab some left over fabric that you have around, you dont need too much for this project when it's all said and done. Im going to give you a quick to tutorial on how to make a roll up tool holder.

I grabbed 3 coordinating fabrics. I chose to use Plaid for the inside of the case, and a grey linen for the outside and a faux leather for the inside pocket. I swapped the grey and plaid fabric around for the second Rollup to tell them apart. I also used half of a shoelace for the tie for a cute personal touch.

The measurements I used apply to the amount and size of tools my dad had available. So you can increase of decrease the size depending on what you might be using.

Plaid and Grey fabric - 11x15 inches.
Black Faux leather Pocket - 10x15 inches (will be folded in half)
Tie - 16 inches (you can use a fabric scrap, I used a shoelace)

Once your pieces are cut lay your outside fabric (gray) goodside up. Then take your pocket piece and fold it in half (leather). You can strenthen the fold with an iron if youre using fabric instead. Place on top of your grey fabric along the bottom. Place your inside fabric (Plaid) on top good side down.

Pin around all of the outside edges, and sew around your entire rectangle. Make sure to leave a 2-3 inch space along the right or left side right in the middle. This is so you can turn your fabric right side out, and leave a spot for the Tie.

Once sewn pull your fabric through the hole right side out, and make sure all of your corners are pushed out. You can use a chopstick to really get all of the fabric out and straight. Since this is going to be used for tools rather than something light like pencils, I'm going to re sew around the edge again when it's right side up.

Place your string in between the open fabric, and under the pocket. Pin this hole closed and again sew around the outside as close to the edge as you can to reinforce.

Now to designate your pockets. I used the actual tools themselves to determine the size of each pocket. You can do this with pencils, paintbrushes etc. I drew a light pencil line and sewed up and back down the same thread line again for extra durability. You can pin down every other pocket to make sure it doesn't move while sewing, I didn't just not to puncture the leather.

Once you have sewn each item pocket place in your tools and you're done!

I also made one with plaid on the outside and gray on the inside. To make each roll easier to tell appart.

Ready to be gifted!

XO. Kyla


  1. oh my word, your blog is so cute! so glad i found it :) love this idea, thanks for sharing! i think i might actually try it, but i am not the craftiest person so it makes me feel a little intimidated :( and i only have a few days...yikes, i'd better get to work :)

  2. haha honestly, I'm really terrible at sewing a straight line, and i'm pretty sure most of them were a little wonky from the start.

    But I figure it's the thought that counts right?

    It took me about an hour to make both of them after figuring out what I was doing :)
    If you attempt them I would love to see them, I'll keep a look out on your blog as well!
    Good luck!

  3. oh dear, i got too intimidated :) i was i am gonna still try making it for my father in law for his will give me a little more time for error :) thanks again for sharing this idea! :)

  4. aww so cute Rachel! A scooter tool roll up!
    I can't wait to see it :) and no problem in the least!

  5. Cute blog I love it!