Saturday, June 26, 2010

30 Day Journal Challenge Prompts 12 and 13

Here are my prompts for the last 2 days of the Challenge. I ran out of natural light on Friday so I had to take a picture of prompt 12 this morning instead.

Prompt 12 - Trends.

I chose to write down all things that I think are trendy in general; not just clothing wise. Many I follow and lots I want to dabble in more for sure. Like I need to win the lottery to buy the new I phone, a bunch of Cute dresses and to get my tattoo side piece completed.

For my girl I wanted to combine lots of trends all in one. Alice In Wonderland, Pin Up, Pumps, Tattoos (Buttons, Stars, flowers, Anchor, Swallow Waves), Zombies and a Bow.

My inspiration for her "zombie" coloring was based on Miss Argentina in Beetlejuice. Cutsey, 50's and not all bloody and gore like :)

Prompt 13 - Insecurities, But....

XO. Kyla