Thursday, May 27, 2010


My bad blogger syndrome is creeping up again.
Things have been pretty crazy, and I'm still really stressing on not being able to find a steady job.
I keep getting the; we are accepting applications but not actively looking until September.

In normal circumstances this would be awesome. Having a whole summer off. However when you hadn't really saved a tonne up until being layed off because you didn't know, that is the problem.

Whine whine anyway.

Ive been making some cute things!
Very nautical insprired as I would rather be on a boat in the sea; or a mermaid hehe.

I'll post a sneak peak this week for sure!

~Happy Thursday~

Ps. Did anyone get sucked into watching American Idol last night....I may or may not have been watching from the beginning ; )

YAY. Lets make out!

XO. Kyla