Friday, April 23, 2010

Introducing Pic Tac Toe....

A friend and I ventured out this week to do a little scavenger hunt of sorts. We decided to stick to about 4 downtown blocks near a popular street and collect pictures of items that either made and X or an O.

We didn't want to make the area too large to make it a little more of a challenge. Lets just say O's were much easier to find than X's for obvious reasons!

This is what I came up with on our first round.

Clearly the O's were our winner, I'm going to try to find more interesting X's next time.

I totally think that this little project was a blast, and I encourage you to try it out for yourself. You can Pic Tac Toe your kitchen, bedroom, craft space, backyard...anywhere. You could even stray from the exact use of X's and O's and try 2 colors, 2 different shapes, 2 specific items etc. The combinations are endless! I'm going to try some other combo's tomorrow.

I challenge you to compile your own Pic Tac Toe, and I would love to see it :)

I also came across these pretties on our hunt

Happy Weekend!
XO. Kyla

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  1. That sounds like an awesome game! It will definitely make you look at things differently! Great way to find beauty in a place you might just overlook.