Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some Things I Noticed....

Today Is really slow at painfully slow.
I have been left to other means of entertaining myself.

1) I painted my nails last night with a bottle of nail polish that I found in the bottom of a box in my art room. It looks like I dipped my fingers in tin foil. Coincidentally the polish is staying on about as well as you would think gluing tin foil to ones nails would. Bad Move.
Each time I type they distract me.

2) On they have Ke$ha's new CD under the "Leaked" section.
It's really silly, and I'm addicted. Blah Blah Blah, Party at a Rich Dude's House, Dinosaur and Take It Off.
Good Stuff!

3) I drove to work today without Windshield Wiper Fluid. My car is filthy.
The drive home will be interesting. I went to look for snow to wipe on instead. However the only snow I can find around here is just at dirty as my car.

4) I think Snuggies were the popular gift to give this holiday season. I gave and received one!
Mind you - I gave one to my mom strictly so I could make fun of her while wearing it. "Hey mom can you grab the phone? I seem to be restricted, but your backwards housecoat has left your arms free with the ability to answer that. Peachy; Thanks"

Upon entering the thrift store at lunch today they had a rack dedicated to Snuggies. Looks like everyone is being proactive and giving away those gifts from that estranged aunt you have that still thinks you're 7.
*High Five*
5) I've been writing down little quips, words and sentences to paint when I get home!
I have SO much I want to do this year for my etsy shop. I just need some super motivation!

6) I can't wait for Style School with LA and Elsie. I'm finishing up my Binder Cover today. I LOVE it.

7) My Craft room was messy the second I moved in there. I'm like 97% clean. I just have some junk to find a place for and I'll finally take a picture. I LOVE it.

These Pictures make me Happy
Door Rug from here.

 From the lovely cakies

 All From We Heart It

XO. Kyla


  1. hehe - you and your moustaches ;-) I hope you had a fab holiday and work is getting a little more interesting! We're back from a very hot sunny week at mum and dad's - just bliss really. But here we are, 2010, and David's back at work and me and Millie are knocking around amusing ourselves till kindy starts again in a month. Luckily she's suddenly turned REALLY happy (teething finally over) and is really a little angel. Woohoo!

  2. i discovered your blog today and i'm SO in love with your works..