Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sent With Love

I spent way over an hour in line at my post office last night, I show up and think oh ok this line is big but it'll be ok...then i realize it's not just down one isle; it is fully wrapped around another.

So I lined up and proceeded to stare at bags of pampers for the better part of my hour haha. The good news is that all of my orders are out!

Just working on some more custom stuff, and new things of my own.

So I get home and hear a farmiliar sound that I have not heard for some time. My mom is playing Rock Band. I emmediatly run down there and we ended up playing until almost 3:00am, and I had to leave the house for work at 5:30 latest.

I love the drums.
I showered.
I smell good.

.....but can I keep my eyes open all day?
Only time will tell.

XO. Kyla


  1. Dang! An hour in the post line? I think the longest time I've spent in a line there was probably a bit less than half an hour.

    And that is hilariously cute, your mom playing Rock Band. I think if my family owned one, my mom might do only the singing, lol. She use to play DDR with us all the time until our dance pads broke. :/

    Good luck with staying awake today!

  2. wow! an hour! I only had to stand in line for about 10-15 minutes yesterday. But that's a long time for here I suppose. But the postman said yesterday was always the busiest day of the year.

  3. haha it was so much fun!
    I love the drums and the singing; If i could some how do it at the same time I would :)

    I want to buy the new Rock Hero for the family for xmas - mostly so I can sing at the top of my lungs in my basement haha

    aww i would cherish a 15 minute wait - it's always longer then that. I was contemplating opening a box of baby cookies while I waited.

  4. Oh yes, I know how that feels. I live in a little rural town & it is constantly at least a half hour wait for your mail... It's a running joke around the community :)

    Your mum plays rock band?
    That is so cool.

  5. Awe! Thank goodness it's manageable during the non holidays here :) I would start getting antsy - I really dislike lines I hope you don'd get stuck in them too often.

    Oh yes my mom is a Nintendo whiz. Ever since I was little I can remember her playing - not quite as intently as before, but anything to get another person in the rock bank mode I'm on board with.

    Also as a Side note I did end up getting Band Hero last night. AMAZING!!!! So many fantastic songs, additions, and the drum kit now has symbol pads.

    LOVE <3
    i can't wait for the weekend.