Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yarn Wreath Tutorial - New On Etsy

So I have decided this holiday to do a tutorial for my yarn wreath.
This listing up in my Etsy Shop

For this listing you will be receiving a tutorial on how to create 3 very different Wreaths.
But not just 3 - each can be adapted to create something special that expresses your home decor and personality. Lots of tips, tricks, and different ideas!
Included is access to a private blog with instructions and lots of fun pictures to walk you through various steps and techniques. I love taking photo’s so there are lots! A PDF file is also available on the blog for the ability to take away this project!

The 3 Wreaths shown here will be broken down step by step from start to finish. Starting with a very festive holiday theme, all the way down to something you can make with various items from your craft scrap bin.

This tutorial is great for anyone looking to attempt the handmade feeling this holiday season. These wreaths can be a jumping off point for many other exciting creations using very different pieces of your own personal style far into the New Year!

If you need a special weekend project this holiday season hope on into my shop

XO. Kyla


  1. The wreaths are gorgeous! Perfect to jolly up the place for Christmas!

  2. Thanks Dionne!!

    I think I want to make them all year round for no other reason except they are so fun to make :)

  3. really love it :*
    but in my country, i really dificult to grab the circle thing for make a yarn sad :(
    and honestly, i dont know whats the name of that circle ...
    xoxo :D