Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sad Days!

I just wanted to make a quick little post just to let everyone know why I have been so MIA. I will absolutely answer all emails and comments as soon as I feel up to it, as I have a little bit more strength today.

Long story short, I have H1N1, but because I'm younger and healthy I'm able to fight off the virus as I was told by the doctors. I just have to stick it out. I have been into the hostpital once already and I just have to do as little as possible at this point.

I have lots of fun and crafty ideas floating around and I can't wait to be less contaminated so I can put some of them into action!

ps. My real computer also crashed about a week ago and I can't get it fixed i'm still trying to salvage some of my photo's and stuff this is a rough month so far....

I hope everyones November is going wonderful :)
I'll be back soon!

XO. Kyla


  1. awww, sorry to hear that sweetie! Hope you're feeling better very, very soon! Rest up and get better so you can create all that's in your head. Just write it down and get better! Take care of yourself!!!

  2. hope you feel better soon :)

  3. oooh I'm sorry you don't feel well! I hope you feel better soon! Get plenty of rest! <3

  4. oh no! i hope you recover safely!

  5. Ps. thank you for the well wishes!

    I'm feeling much better, slow recovery but it's much better than before I can tell you that :)