Saturday, November 21, 2009

2 New Custom Messenger Bags.

Phew I just finished 2 new Messenger Bags!
One for a lovely lady in New Zealand, and one for someone that works in my office.

I hope they LOVE Them!

Moving Molecules!

Love Each Day!

** As asked about in a previous post I'm going to do a tutorial on how I made the Yarn Wreath shown over on LA's Blog for the sponser give away :) So check back!
XO. Kyla


  1. How cute!! The second one is my favorite :)

  2. adorable!! i love the last one!

  3. Love these! And also love the wreath, it's gorgeous!

  4. I love the first one!! hehe, that's because it's for MEEEEEE, thanks again x

  5. haha Jenni!!
    You found me :)

    I'm glad you like them!
    I'm going to be adding some more love each day bags to the shop within the next few days hopefully!!

  6. Those two bags are both beautiful. But I like first one more! I can feel your personal touch there. The detailing tells me! I wish you could post your tutorial here soon. =)

    Leonia Shearer

    1. Hey Leonia!

      Sorry about the delay here, I took a little blog hiatus!
      I actually did make a tutorial available in my Etsy I haven't relisted it in a while. It's chalked full of tip and photos.

      let me know if you want me to re post it :)