Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scavenger Hunt - Play Along!!

Ashley over at Almost Exactly is having a blog party with lots of guest posters, cute inspiration and fun games for this fall sesason.

Please feel free to come and play as well!
here is the link to her exact post Scavenger Hunt

Find as many pictures as you can from your personal collection, or from the net (including the source) and post them to your blog, and note it on the comments on Ashley's page so everyone can see your findings.

Happy hunting!

Here is what I have found....*Drumroll Please*

1) A group of people spelling out a word

2) A woman, wearing pink, walking a dog, talking on her phone.

3) A picture of someone braiding hair

(I'm pretty sick...ignore the ug :)
4) A word written on a foggy window.

5) Someone with a blue tongue.

6) Someone being chased by something else (the funnier, the better!)

7) A group of baby animals

8) A human pyramid

9) The funniest thing you have ever seen!
"You Gotta Blow It Out First"

I must add that this guy was totally fine it just fell out of his mouth, but this was a hillarious night. Like from 2001 maybe haha.
10) Fermat's Last Theorom (extra credit if you can find a picture of someone solving it!)

11) Someone playing "Fluffy Bunny"

(I'm pretty sick...ignore the ug :)
12) A slinky race

13) A belly button - full of lint

14) A cop eating donuts

15) People dressed as KISS (but not KISS themselves!)

XO. Kyla

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