Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Have An Addiction....

So I have nothing overly crafty to post about today, it's been a pretty trying week for reasons I'll get into a bit later I'm sure...but I thought I would post about a few of my favorite pairs of "newer" skate shoes.

For no other reason except they make me happy, and I love them so :)

So new they aren't even laced yet!

Kinda MJ Fox, Back To The Future style.

These ones are just so happy!

When one pattern just isn't enough :)

I call these ones the "Vineyards".
They have a grape print, and the rest is Cork.
Pretty spectacular!

It's an obsession, what can I say. I have to go dig out my latest DIY from my backyard, due to the freak snowstorm.

XO. Kyla

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  1. wow! you own all those? I need to get more shoes... all of those are awesome!

    Take a look at my blog. I have an award for you! :)