Saturday, October 17, 2009

10 Questions!

Another fun blog post from from Ashley 10 Questions Come play along, and post a link you your blog answers in Ashley's comments.

1) A photo of your favorite place.
In bed with this munchkin.

2) A photo of you very drunk or very tired
(or even a photo of you just waking up)
hahaha Drunk

Just woken up!
HAHA - oh my hair.

3) The youngest photo you have of yourself.
I know it's not quite the youngest, but it's cute!

4) One of your favorite outfits.
I wear this shirt everywhere! I also have it in about 5 other colors haha

5) A picture of you making a silly face.
Oh man I'm weird.

6) A photo of you where you had no idea it was being taking of you.

7) A picture of you with someone you love.
He's not here anymore though.

8) A family picture of you.

9) A picture of how you would like to spend everyday.
Gosh, being back here would be wonderful.

10) A picture that fills you with happiness.

Play Along!!

XO. Kyla