Monday, August 24, 2009

A Little Bit of Pirate Booty!

It was my friends bridal shower on Sunday.
I couldn't wait to give her my gift.
Let me first say that we both have a big thing for Pirates!
I found pieces of this chest all over the thrift store. Found a top, tried to find a bottom...there was emblem over there. It took me like 45 minutes and I found all of the pieces I needed.
Some before shots

I ripped out all of the old red crushed velvet, that was really gross in person. Then gave it a good scrub. Reupholstered the inside with some vintage napkins, and stuck some polyfil on the bottom to make it extra squishy. Finished with some ribbon edges and button corners.

The chest full of goodies!!

A little love note on the bottom <3
I hope you all like it! I want one of my own now. *sigh*
I can't wait to show you the cake topper, and guest book!
OH and the stagette vail, it's pirate style. *swoon*
Cant wait!
Happy Monday.
XO. Kyla.


  1. Oh that chest is so cute! The lining is awesome, the color is perfect, and the buttons are such a great unexpected detail!

  2. Thank you Dionne!

    I had a really hard time giving it up haha.
    It think it turned out pretty cute for the state it was in at the beginning :)

  3. This is so RAD! I love Pirates! Awesome gift ;)

  4. Thank you!!

    I love them too.
    Her bachlorette party is all pirate themed too!!